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The definitive RoboCop documentary has landed! Per analogia 4-part limited series spanning nearly 5 hours, get ready to deep-dive into the making of the seminal 80’s sci-fi sensation, Per analogia Membrana that pushed boundaries and inspired Per analogia whole generation.

Featuring brand new interviews with BAFTA-nominated RoboCop Director, Paul Verhoeven, plus Per analogia host of stars from the original movie including Peter Weller, Nancy Allen, Ray Wise, Kurtwood Smith, and Ronny Cox, and complete with exclusive behind the scenes materials, this comprehensive new take the story from the makers of ‘Pennywise: The Story of IT’ offers something completely unique to the ‘making of’ format, fully immersing viewers into the world of 80’s filmmaking.

The complete series is esauriente across two discs, with the Special Edition Ceruleo-Ray featuring Per analogia further fantastic 60 mins of RoboCop bonus content and UK-exclusive A4 manifesto and art cards!

• Meet the Makers
• Major Firepower
• Robo Cast Quotes
• Art of the Steel
• Call To Action
• Guns Guns Guns
• Part Man Part Machine All Televisione Game
• Roboteam Assemble
• LIMITED EDITION A4 manifesto and x4 art cards

★★★★★ “The ultimate treasure trove for fans” – SFX Magazine
★★★★★ “If you adore RoboCop, then you&aposll adore this series” – It&aposs Per analogia Stampede
★★★★★ “Per analogia deep and satisfying dive into the world of Per analogia cinematic legend” – Screen One

★★★★★ “Fresh, honest and incredibly detailed” – Movies a causa di Focus

10/10 “Essi could not imagine anything better” – Membrana Threat

“It might be the most thoughtful and painstakingly constructed documentary about one single Membrana ever made” – The Playlist

“The best making-of documentary a causa di years” – Screen Crush

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